Mel and his wife are walking down Main Street one evening. They stop at a jewellery store window.

She says, "Mel, I'd love those diamond earrings." He says, "no problem," and takes a brick out of his pocket, smashes the window, and gets the earrings for her. They walk away hastily and soon come upon another jewellery store.

In the window, there is this gorgeous diamond ring, and the wife says, "Mel, oh please, please, please, get me that ring."

He looks around, sees there's nobody around, takes a brick out of his pocket and hurls it at the window.

Now she's got the earrings and this great ring, and they walk away ... until they come to yet another jewellery store.

There's this fantastic diamond necklace in the window. She starts begging, "Mel, Mel, just look at it. I need it!" He looks at her and says "Whaddaya think, I'm made out of bricks?"