A man had a major row with his sweetheart. She was all but ready to break off their marriage plans. She was literally in TEARS!

The man said to her, "Tell me, darling, what can I do to make things right with you? Is there a possible solution to our problem?"

"Yes, Bill," she sobbed, "get me something that I would not be expecting from you... something that I've never had in my life before!"

He said, "Give me time to make a few telephone calls. I will get back to you shortly."

Sure enough, as promised, Bill called her that evening. "Darling, I think I have a solution to our problem. I love you, snookums, and I want to give you something you've never had before -- just like you asked."

She said that it was sweet of him, and asked him what he had arranged for her. "No, darling... it is a surprise. I will pick you up tomorrow morning, about 8 AM. Fair enough?"

"Fair enough," she replied."

So, 7:50, he pulls the car in the driveway. The woman is all set for him to bring a package in for her to open.

"I thought you had scheduled me a surprise?" She remarked, starting to pout.

"I did," he replied. Hop in the car!"

When she got in the car, he said, "Now, fasten this mask covering your eyes. I don't want you to see your surprise."

About 25 minutes later, he said, "We're here now."

"Already?" she replied.

"Yep! I have you booked to have your appendix removed! Now tell me THAT is something you were expecting!"