There’s nothing quite as nostalgic as summer camp. We all remember the nature hikes, the campfires, and the dreaded swim test, but for those who attended Bible camp, there were a few extra details that really made the week memorable. Let’s see how many applied to you!


1. You still have a week of Bible verses memorized


2. At some point you pulled a Rapture prank

3. Every camper wore a WWJD braclet (What Would Jesus Do?)  

4. You absolutely nailed those Bible skits

5. You know all the lyrics to the song “Blind Man”

6. God wanted your girlfriend/boyfriend to break up with you

7. After writing down your sins, you tossed them in the campfire and roasted marshmallows over them

8. You promised God you’d become a missionary in return for passing the swim test

9. On movie night, you watched Left Behind

10. You discovered prayers for healing don’t always work on poison ivy


11. Everyone got a pocket Bible for their “Non-Christian” friends

12. Felt boards!

*Special thanks to editors Kelly Givens and Debbie Holloway for contributing to this report.

**Published 8/13/2014