A couple weeks ago when his wife was away for a few days, the man slept right through his alarm clock, and wakes up to notice that he is terribly late for work.

He gets up, and while he is rushing to get ready he puts some bread in the toaster so he can have a quick breakfast. As he's getting ready, he can't find his shoes, the shirt he wanted to wear was in the laundry, and he has run out of toothpaste.

When he returns to the kitchen, the toaster has burned his toast even though it was on the lowest setting.

That was the last straw for the poor guy... he yanks the plug out of the wall, throws the toaster to the floor, and kicks it around a few times for good measure.

When he gets to work, he puts his hands on the keyboard and is knocked to the floor by a severe electric shock.

An ominous voice sounds from inside the computer tower, booming, "That's for the toaster!"