This is a test. It is only a test. If this were not a test, it would not be called test. Therefore, it is still a test and only a test. This test is not to be confused with an emergency test. For that is an old test. Those who created this test need no embellishment for they have already passed this test and you need to pass this test as well.

If you received this test with prior notification that you were about to receive this test, then it would be safe to say that you too are part of this test. However, if you were not part of this test and received it, then you could pass this test to the person or persons who should have received this test on their behalf.

If you want to take this test, then you are most welcome to take this test as long as you too pass this test. The pathway to the success of this test leads the way to two kinds of constraints, those that pass the test and those that do not pass the test. However, if you fail this test it will go on record that you to have not succeeded in passing this test.

Please note, that anyone not authorized to take this test, will be in violation of test requirements and therefore their participation in this test will be known as an invalid test. It is in the judgment of the test committee, that, test management immediately disqualifies all invalid tests. Empowered with this new understanding we could create more assertive tests.

For those of you who have any questions about this test they should write them down and send them to the test committee whereby they will have a meeting to discuss the further possibilities of having still another test.

In the meantime, Thank you for taking part in this test. This concludes this

Test Management

P.S. A warning is hereby given to those who have been granted permission to
take this test, they should never seek council after taking this test.