A cop is severely reprimanded by his captain because his police reports are incomprehensible due to his poor spelling.

"How can you expect anyone to understand your reports! File one more report with any, and I do mean *ANY*, words misspelled and you are going on report!" bellows the captain.

The cop vows to be more careful and not make any more errors. He's in his patrol car the following day when a traffic accident report comes over his two-way radio. Arriving at the scene, he discovers a gruesome head-on collision. Taking out his notebook, he begins to write, being very careful to spell each word correctly.

One, O-N-E. Chevy, C-H-E-V-Y. In the ditch, D-I-T-C-H.

One, O-N-E. Honda, H-O-N-D-A. In the ditch, D-I-T-C-H.

"I'm doing great," the cop says to himself, as he walks with confidence to the middle of the highway, where he finds a decapitated head.

One, O-N-E. Head, H-E-A-D. In the boulevard, B-U-L-L... B-O-L...B-L-U...

Frustrated, the cop looks around, kicks the head with his boot, and writes, In the ditch, D-I-T-C-H.