The Motorway says to the 'A' Road: "I'm the hardest, meanest, toughest road there is. I've got the highest speed limit, I have the most lanes and carry the greatest volume of traffic. I'm as hard as nails, me."

The 'A' Road says: "Yes, but I'm the back-bone of the country. There's many times more miles of 'A' Road than Motorway, I go everywhere from countryside to city, big town and small town, and in total I carry more cars than any other road. I am the undisputed heavyweight champion of roads."

Then a small pink road walks up to the bar and orders an orange juice and lemonade. The Motorway and 'A' Road immediately go quiet, and stare at their drinks, desperately trying not to catch the attention of the small pink road, who gets his drink and goes and sits in the corner.

The barman says to the Motorway and 'A' Road: "I thought you were the biggest, baddest, toughest and best roads in the country!"

And the motorway replies: "Yeah, but you don't want to mess with him - - he's a cycle path."