12. Red duct tape with white duct tape trim covering a down ski jacket makes a cheap Santa outfit.

11. Hang stockings from the chimney with duct tape.

10. Fasten decorative lights to railings of house with duct tape.

 9. Thin strips of Duct Tape make great self-adhering tinsel.

 8. Cover the inevitable gift fruit cake with duct tape and use as door stop.

 7. Wrap gifts in Duct Tape for the gift that says, "Open me ... eventually."

 6. Cover Christmas tree boughs with green duct tape to prevent needles from dropping.

 5. Cover your dead tree limbs with green duct tape and cut fringes in the tape. Presto! Perma-Christmas Tree!

 4. Control that hideous holiday weight gain ... Duct tape over your mouth.

 3. Duct tape over the names in last years greeting cards and resend them.

 2. Silver duct tape turns that old bride's maid dress into shiny holiday formal wear.

 1. Duct tape great grandpa upright in his chair....!"