What is an Eponyms you may wonder? No, I didn't make this one up, eponyms are words we use in everyday life that are based on peoples names, like:

Bobbies - Sir Robert(Bobby) Peel, a British politician in 1850 organized a police force in England called bobbies.

Braille - Named for Louis Braille of France, who invented it to teach his blind students.

Cardigan - No joke! This type of sweater was first worn by none other than the Earl of Cardigan, in Great Britain.

Derby - A stiff felt hat favored today by rappers is credited to Edward Stanley, twelfth Earl of Derby.

Guillotine - Marie Antionettes favourite little toy came to be in 1789, by Dr.Joseph Guillotin of France.

Leotards - In the 1800's a french gymnast, Julius Leotard, designed these little beauties.