Jiffylust - The passionate desire to be the first person to dip into a brand new jar of peanut butter.

Kawashocky - Pulling into what you thought was an empty parking space, only to discover a motorcycle is parked there.

Keyfruit - The one apple, pear, or other fruit in the display which, when removed, causes the entire pile to collapse.

Laminites - The people pictured in the photographs that come with new wallets.

Maypop - A bald tire.

Microtrek - Repeated trips to the microwave to make sure the food hasn't been overcooked.

Mowmuffins - The accumulated clumps of dried grass on the underside of the lawn mower.

Negatile - That one spot on the bathroom floor where the scale says you weigh five pounds less.

Optortionist - The kid at school who could turn his eyelids inside out.

Pajangle - Waking up to find your pajamas have turned 180 degrees around while you were sleeping.

Phonesia - Forgetting who you were calling just as that person picks up the phone.

Sniglets are words that you won't find in the dictionary, but aptly describe reality.