The good folk at Merriam-Webster Dictionary have compiled a list of "Favorite Top Ten" words that are not in the dictionary, following a very unofficial and unscientific survey of its web site visitors. Here's the list:

"Snirt." Dirty snow, usually seen at the edge of the road or parking lots.

"Slickery." A wet, icy surface that is slick and slippery.

"Phonecrastinate." Putting off answering the phone until the Caller ID information comes up.

"Gription." Friction that grabs; as in, "my car needs new tires because the old ones have lost their gription."

"Cognitive Displaysia." That feeling you get - before you even leave the house - that you're going to forget something and remember what it was once you're on the highway.

"Chillax." Relax, chill. Take it easy.

"Woot." An description of an exclamation of excitement. As in, "she let out with a woot."

"Confuzzled." Confused and puzzled.

"Ginormous." Bigger than gigantic and bigger than enormous.