Lost in the woods?
Not with duct tape around!
Just hang little strips of tape from branches to find your way back.

Remodeling on a budget?
Use duct tape to cover cupboard doors and drawer fronts for a modern, metallic-look kitchen.

Super seal your tax return envelope with duct tape to annoy the IRS.
And when you've finished your taxes, patch the fist hole in your wall with duct tape.

Hang a strip of duct tape from the ceiling
for an instant fly trap.

Enjoy your music loud?
Duct tape volume knob at your favorite level.
Duct tape vibrating stereo to table.
Duct tape vibrating table to floor.
In most cases, foundation should secure floor.

Wrap sticky-side out around your hand to pick up fuzz, lint and pet hair from clothing and furniture also picks up small pets from clothing and furniture.

Teach kids about safety by using duct tape
to make seat belts for their dolls.
Also keeps pets in place during car trips.

Remove dust balls under beds using these three steps:
1. Wrap duct tape sticky side out around small dog.
2. Roll the dog's favorite ball under the bed.
3. Yell "fetch!"

Use duct tape to join two pets tail to tail, and see what happens!!!!!

Be kind to animals. Duct tape corncobs to trees for birds and squirrels.
Or, duct tape birds and squirrels to trees for dogs and cats.
Anyone taking this duct tape use joke seriously should be duct taped to the tree right next to the squirrel.