Polarind - The disposable peeling on an instant photograph.

Prestofrigeration - When searching for a snack, this is the act of returning to the refrigerator time and again in hopes something new will have materialized.

Puntificate - Trying to predict in which direction a football will bounce.

Scribbobics - Warm up exercises to get the ink in a pen flowing.

Sirlines - The charcoal lines on a grilled steak.

Slackjam - The act of being stuck in your trousers while trying to remove them without taking off your shoes.

Snackmosphere - The empty yet explosive layer of air at the top of a bag of potato chips or other snackage.

Spudrubble - The unclaimed fries that have fallen to the bottom of the fast food sack.

Telecrastination - The act of letting the phone ring twice, even if you're only six inches away from it.

Toodle-Oops - The uncomfortable feeling of having said your goodbyes, yet your path together continues for awhile longer.

Yardribbons - Those unmowed strips of grass you see only after you've put the lawn mower away.

Zipcuffed - Trapped in your trousers due to a faulty zipper.