The following are the first lines to the theme songs from well-known TV shows.
Can you name them?
(answers at the end. No peeking!)

1. Come and knock on your door

2.  Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out

3.  Baby if you've ever wondered, wondered, whatever became of me

4.  Here we come, walkin' down the street

5.  Diamonds, daisies, snowflakes

6.  I used to be sad, I used to be shy

7.  Boy the way Glenn Miller played

8.  Let the time flow, let the love grow

9.  Chico, don't be discouraged

10.  Now the world don't move, to the beat of just one drum

11.  Well, we're movin' on up

12.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

13.  Love, exciting and new

14.  Lady Godiva was a freedom rider

15.  This is it, this is it

16.  Hello world here's a song that we're singing

17.  Makng your way in the world today, takes everything you got

18.  You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you get

19.  Whatever happened to predictability?

20.  Look at what's happened to me, I can't believe it myself

21.  Show me that smile again, show me that smile

22. I've been down this road, walking the line that's painted by pride

23.  Don't go to bed, with no price on your head

24.  There's a magic in the early morning we found

25.  Well, I'm not the kind to kiss and tell, but I've been seen with Farrah

26.  Some walk by night, some fly by day


1. Three's Company  2. Welcome Back Kotter  3. WKRP in Cincinnati  4. The Monkeys  5. That Girl  6. Alice  7. All in the Family  8. Angie  9. Chico and the Man  10. Different Strokes  11. The Jefferson's 
12. Lavern and Shirley  13. The Love Boat  14. Maude  15. One Day at a Time 16. The Partridge Family 
17. Cheers   18. The Facts of Life  19. Full House  20. Greatest American Hero  21. Growing Pains  
22. Ally McBeal  23.  Baretta  24. Eight is Enough  25. The Fall Guy  26. Moonlighting