1. The dentist says: "This won't hurt a bit."
 2. The IRS announces: "We are simplifying the tax forms."
 3. Your lawyer says: "This is an air-tight case-- you can't lose."
 4. Your stock broker says: "This little drop in the market is just a minor correction."
 5. Your physician says: "You're in great shape - - you'll live to be 100!"
 6. Your business partner says: "Nothing can possibly go wrong."
 7. Your best friend says: "Trust me - - I'll never tell a soul."
 8. The directions on a do-it-yourself kit say: "Even a child can do it."
 9. Your colleagues say: "We're behind you 100% - - we'll back you up."
10. Someone giving you directions says: "You can't miss it."
11. The airline pilot announces: "Just a bit of turbulence folks - - nothing to worry about."
12. A voice on the telephone says: "Congratulations! You're an instant winner!"