The hunched-back man decides very reluctantly, that he should go see a doctor after a few too many people have started to comment on his back.

DOCTOR:  I need for you to get undressed, sir.
(Hunchback removes jacket and then stops)

HUNCHBACK:  I really don't like getting undressed, doctor.

DOCTOR:  If you want me to examine your back you'll have to get undressed.
(Hunchback removes his shirt but leaves his t-shirt on)

HUNCHBACK:  I don't like showing people my back. They always laugh at me.

DOCTOR:  Do you want me to examine your back or not?
(Very reluctantly, the hunchback removes his t-shirt)

DOCTOR:  Ah...just how long is it since you were in school?

HUNCHBACK:  Gosh, over 20 years, doctor. Why?

DOCTOR:  Did you ever wonder all those years what happened to your backpack?