Q.  Which toilet bowl cleaner do most magicians use?
A.  Vanish!

Q.  What do witches like to put on their floors?
A.  Magic carpeting.

Q.  How do you make a witch faint?
A.  Use a dizzy spell.

Q.  Why couldn't the dessert reach the table?
A.  It was a shortcake.

Q.  Why wouldn't the oyster give anyone his pearl?
A.  Because he was shellfish.

Q.  What did the Terminator say to Beethoven?
A.   I'll be Bach.

Q.  Why did Diana Ross go to law school?
A.  She wanted to work at the Supreme Court.

Q.  What do you call two bees, a hornet, and a wasp with violins?
A.  A sting quartet.

And the groaner.....

Q.  Why can't a woman ask for help from her brother?
A.  He can't be a brother and assist her, too.