Plate:   ICNCYDU
Meaning: I see inside you, a radiologist's plate

Plate:   CYIMBRK
Meaning: See Why I'm broke, found on a cherry 95 ford 3/4 ton truck

Plate:   OH2B39
Meaning: A woman in her early 50's has had this plate for about the last ten years

Plate:   YURNEXT
Meaning: On the car of an undertaker

Plate:   1DFOAL
Meaning: Wonderful on a Ford Mustang. Get it? Foal as in baby horse

Plate:   2QT4U
Meaning: Too cute for you, the driver was a beautiful woman driving

Plate:   4SAFETY
Meaning: on a Volvo, what else?

Plate:   6ISENUF
Meaning: "6 is enough".  6 kids is enough

Plate:   9MPGWOW
Meaning: 9 Miles Per Gallon, Wow! On a 1966 Cadillac Sedan DeVille

Plate:   AV8RX
Meaning: Aviator X.  Wife of a pilot who is also a pilot

Meaning: (Que) Pasa MD, What's up doc?