You know you work for the government when:

The process becomes more important than the product

You don't see anything wrong with attending a meeting on a subject you know nothing about

You feel you contributed to the meeting just by being there

You stop raising issues/problems because you know you will be the one answering them.

You fly first class across the country to attend a conference with 100+ people to discuss the fact that the project does not have enough money

You work for an acronym, on an acronym, and your job title is an acronym

You understand the rationalization of an acronym composed of acronyms

You know that the location of a meeting is directly related to its importance.
(1) A meeting at Fort Hood requires a subordinate or a contractor
(2) The same meeting at Lake Tahoe requires your personal attention

You've sat at the same desk for 3 years, done the same thing for 3 years, but have had 3 different business cards.