John, who loved to play golf, was also pastor of the Community Church.

Every Sunday he chafed under the realization that while he had to go preach at the church, his golfing buddies were haveing a great time out on the greens. So John devised a plan. On Saturday evening he taped his sermon, and placed the tape player in the pulpit. He then connected it to the church's amplifying equipment, and set it on a timer so that it would start precisely at the time in the service when he would normally begin preaching.

The next day, John enjoyed a wonderful day at the golf course. And surprisingly, there were no adverse comments from the church deacons, or from any of the members. So, John decided to follow the same plan the next week.

However, after golfing nine holes, John became a little uneasy, and decided to check to see if everything was going o.k. back at the church. As he approached the church, he could hear his own voice booming out the sermon he had taped the night before.

He quietly opened the front door, and walked through the vestibule. But when he peered through the sanctuary doors, he was shocked to see that no one was in church at all. Instead, on every pew there were six small tape recorders, all of them eagerly taking in every word of the sermon.