10.   You can't get past this feeling of guilt so you thought you might as well be in church! 
9.  You've had trouble sleeping lately so... 
8.  You've heard that some churches are actually warm and friendly. You want to nip that one in the bud! 
7.  You just got your nails done, so you want to show them off by pointing fingers! 
6.  Most of the TV Evangelists have bad toupees. You want to see if that translates to the local congregation! 
5.  You've heard that they pass a plate around with money in it and you thought: "I got to get me some of that!" 
4.  You've tried and failed to get a date from the singles scene, laundromats and supermarkets. Desperate times call for desperate measures! 
3.   You've heard that Jesus is the answer and you were just wondering: "What was the question?"! 
2.  The Sunday morning hockey league just folded and basketball doesn't start up for two weeks, so... 
   And the number one reason to visit church is: 
1.  Spirituality is too important to ignore and you are open-minded and honest enough to check things out for yourself!