Thirty New Yorkers arrived at the Pearly Gates. Saint Peter looked at his list, then told the new arrivals, "I'm sorry, but there's been a mix-up. Someone gave me the wrong list, and I can't tell which of you I'm supposed to let in. Please wait here, while I go speak to God."

So St. Peter went to God and told Him: "There are thirty New Yorkers waiting to get into heaven, and I don't have the information about whom I'm supposed to let in and whom I turn back."

God told him: "Only ten of them are supposed to be let into heaven. You will have to prepare a test to see which ones are to join us."

St. Peter thanked God and left. Only a few moments later, St. Peter was back in God's presence, saying "They're gone!!"

"All thirty of them are gone?" said God.

"Not the New Yorkers," said St. Peter, "the gates!!"