There once was a family of four skunks. A Mother skunk, a Father skunk and two identical twin baby skunks named Inskunk and Outskunk.

Their parents named them as such because the only way they could tell one from the other was to keep Inskunk inside all the time and Outskunk outside continually except at meal time. When being fed, Inskunk would be inside to eat and when done Inskunk would go out and Outskunk would come in to eat. After eating Outskunk would go back outside and Inskunk would come back in. They followed this ritual daily to avoid confusion.

One day Mother skunk had to go in to town and left Father skunk to look after Inskunk and Outskunk. As she was leaving she reminded Father skunk not to mix up the two as the last time it took a week to sort out which was which.

Father skunk just replied, "Don't worry dear. I can tell them apart."

So off she went.

When lunch time arrived Father skunk let Outskunk in to eat without letting Inskunk outside. Mother skunk just happened to come home at that time and was shocked!

"I can't believe you mixed them up again!" she screamed.

Father skunk replied, "They're not mixed up, This is Inskunk and over there is Outskunk!"

Mother Skunk inquired, "How can you be so sure that that is Inskunk and that one is Outskunk?"

"Simple!" said Father Skunk, . . . . . "Instincts!"