They went over to the starter's booth to see how long the wait was before they could get out and play a round.

One of the men went up to the person in charge and asked how long it would be to get a round going on the course.

"That's going to be a problem today, sir," the starter told him. "We're all booked up for the entire day."

"There's nothing available at all?" asked the man.

"I'm very sorry, sir," he replied. "Nothing all day."

"Just out of curiousity," said the man, "let me ask you something. If Nick Price, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els showed up here right now, do you think you'd be able to get them out on the course right away?"

"I'm sure I would, sir," said the starter.

"Well fine then," said the man. "Seeing as they're all playing on the Tour this week, we'll just take their spots."