Shortly before Easter Bob's son drew a picture of the crucifixion scene. Bob noticed the picture had an airplane in the top corner.

"Son, this is a wonderful picture," Bob said. "But what is the airplane doing?"

"Dad, don't you know?" the boy replied. "That's Pontius Pilot!"

Kiersten, 5, was having a discussion with Destini, 6. Destini was insisting that Jesus is dead. Kiersten insisted that Jesus is alive.

They began to argue, so Kiersten's mother, Penny, interfered.

"Destini," Penny said, "Kiersten is right. Don't you know that's why we celebrate Easter? Easter is the day that Jesus rose from the dead. He was killed and they buried Him and three days later He arose from the dead."

Destini asked where they buried Him. Penny told her it was actually in a cave over in Israel. "And after they put Him in the cave, they rolled a very, very, very big stone over the doorway," Penny said.

At that point Kiersten interrupted and added, "That was to keep Him warm!"

Bev was telling her four-year-old son about the Easter season. When she started telling about Jesus, he said, "You mean they're after Him AGAIN?"

Faith, 3, went to Good Friday services. That night she prayed, "Thank You, Jesus, for dying on the Cross. And thank You we didn't have to watch!"

When Bonnie's daughter was four, they attended an Easter pageant about the death and Resurrection of Christ. The play was beautiful with magnificent costumes and scenery.

Bonnie made sure Robyn had an aisle seat so that she wouldn't miss a thing. Jesus came staggering down the aisle carrying the cross. Big Roman soldiers pushed and shoved him.

Robyn watched with wide eyes. At the reception following the performance, one of the actors who played a Roman soldier came over to Robyn, kneeled down and quietly asked her, "Did you enjoy the play?"

Robyn wagged her finger at him and said, "You BAD man! Bad! Bad man! You hurt my Jesus!"

True stories reprinted from newsletter:
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