Jean Chretien awoke one morning to a glorious day. The sky was clear, and the sun was bright and radiant. Jean decided to walk to Parliament Hill.

 As he was walking, he looked up at the sun, and said, "Mister Sun, who is da greatest Prime Minister dis country has ever  had?"

The sun beamed down upon Jean, and in a booming voice responded,  "Jean, there is no doubt that you are the greatest  Prime Minister that Canada has ever had!"

Jean's chest puffed out and he arrived at work feeling  wonderful and important. He had a marvellous day, so marvellous that he decided to walk home. The evening was as glorious as had been the morning.

As he walked, he looked up at the sun and asked, "So, Mr. Sun,am I not da greatest Prime Minister Canada has ever had?

The Sun looked down at him, and in a booming voice, responded,  "Jean, you are an idiot.  This country has never seen a worse Prime Minister in its entire history."

Taken aback, Jean responded, "But dis morning, you said dat  I was de greatest Prime Minister dis country has ever had. Why did you change your mind?

Jean, this morning, I was in the East. Tonight, I'm in the West!