Jeff, Bill and John stopped at a roadside restaurant for lunch. As luck would have it, Jill was their waitress.

Jeff ordered a tuna-fish sandwich on white bread.

"Tuna?" Jill asked. "You'll like our chicken salad better. And how about whole wheat bread instead of white? It has more vitamins."

"All right," Jeff answered. "Make it chicken salad on whole wheat."

Bill ordered next: "Green salad, no dressing and coffee."

"No dressing?" asked Jill. "There isn't much to that. Why not a pear and cottage cheese salad? And coffee will only keep you awake. Have an ice cold milk."

"All right," Bill answered. "Let me have a pear and cottage cheese salad with an ice cold milk."

With that, John asked Jill what she would suggest for him.

"Suggest?" said Jill. "Who's got time for suggestions?"