A Management Structure is often referred to as a tree. This is an accurate description for the following reasons:

It is made almost entirely of wood.

Parts of it can be dead for years before they drop off.

If a branch falls off, most of the parasites move back to the main structure.

It takes years to react to any environmental change.

A large one can transpire hundreds of gallons of liquid in a day.

It sometimes carries a great many nuts.

If not pruned regularly it will not bear much fruit.

Small pieces which are chopped off often grow again in a few years.

It can be fired, but usually needs lots of paper to get it going.

It may provide shelter for those underneath, but also blocks out most of the light.

From the top one can see for miles in all directions, except vertically downward.

Anything heavy dropped from the top reaches the bottom quickly; the intervening layers merely delay it slightly.

Parts of it can be used to make boards (of varying thickness) but unless properly seasoned the quality will be poor.

It bends easily in light winds but in storms it is rarely flexible enough to avoid damage.