The differences between wasting time at work before the Internet and wasting time at work now with the Internet..

* Then- Wandered aimlessly around office until you found something or someone even mildly interesting.
* Now- Wander aimlessly around WWW until you find something find something remotely interesting.

* Then- Blew stuff up in the microwave.
* Now- Watch people in Bulgaria blow stuff up in the microwave via webcam.

* Then- Spent hours shredding stupid jokes and cartoons that friends sent via fax.
* Now- Spend hours deleting stupid jokes and cartoons that friends send via e-mail.

* Then- Hid copies of magazine inside corporate document so boss thought you were a diligent worker.
* Now- Keep fingers on Alt-Tab to switch to that Excel spreadsheet so boss thinks you're a diligent workers.

* Then- Talked to co-workers around water cooler about latest Welcome Back
Kotter and White Shadow episodes.
* Now- Talk to friends via ICQ about how much you hate your job.

* Then- Figured out how many sheets of paper their stapler would go through.
* Now- Use a ping plotter to see how many hops it takes to get to