10. In meetings, people respond to you with, "Yeah, whatever."
9. You find your picture on the company's new sexual harassment brochure.
8. Commandante yells "Ready... aim..."
7. Co-workers chip in to buy you a subscription to "Daytime Soaps"  magazine.
6. Your Pentium 4  was replaced with a Commodore 64 over the weekend.
5. Human Resources Department calls to ask if you're a member of the NRA.
4. Mr. Steinbrenner introduces you to the press as "Manager For Life."
3. After signing a multi-million, 3-year contract and starting the season 1-15, pitching coach suggests you try throwing with the other arm.
2. There you are, a happy, successful network television executive, and then one day, out of nowhere-Bam! An original thought!
1. Your nose ring fell into the deep fryer again.