Will God REALLY grant me the desires of my heart?

How can I be an awesome husband or wife?

Can relationships be salvaged?

Does it really matter what I wear?

Do Christians divorce at the same rate as non-Christians?

What questions should I ask before I get married?

Our Family Life authors discussed these questions and more in 2012. Compiled here are the featured articles which garnered the most pageviews from you. Can't remember your favourite articles from this past year? Check them out!

Top 12 Family Features of 2012

man wondering12. Will God Grant Me the Desires of My Heart? by Debbie Wright & Cliff Young

In this edition of the He Said She Said singles advice column, a reader asks "If God gives me the desires of my heart, why am I still single?" The columnists discuss this famous (and often misunderstood) passage from Psalm 37, reminding us that knowing God should always be our #1 desire.

11. Tim Tebow and the Mom Phenom by Barbara Curtis

What is it about Tim Tebow that makes moms around the world willing (and eager) to sit and watch an entire game of football with the boys? One woman weighs in.

kiss cheek10. 7 Tips for Being an Awesome Husband by Joe Beam

Even the greatest athlete benefits from coaching. Marriage coach offers up these tips to go from great to glorious in seven easy steps. Remember, she's not "one of the guys," you don't want to seem like a control freak, romance and listening are key, time matters, she doesn't need another father, and you never stop growing!

9. Why I Stayed, Too: A Husband's Focus on God Saves His Marriage by Trent Coroy

Check out this husband's perspective in a 2-part series about saving Trent and Carla's marriage. Trent talks about pursuing God, chosing his friends wisely, and building a common world between spouses.

dress8. Why What Women Wear Matters by Tim Laitinen

How fair is it for you to dress however you want to dress, asks the author. and leave it up to us men to deal however we can with the sin it causes us? More often than women may realize, dressing provocatively causes men to stumble into sexual sin.

7. Why I Stayed: A Wife’s Focus on God Saves Her Marriage by Carla Anne Coroy