• Write out the action steps you are going to take this month, and schedule them in your calendar. It has been said that "without change, there is no change." If you just live your life as you always have, it's unlikely you will experience the change you desire.
  • Have a plan for learning. At ChristianCareerCenter.com, you can read career and calling articles on our site; participate in free teleseminars (sign up for our newsletter so you'll know when they are happening), schedule a free consultation session if you are interested in professional career testing and coaching.
  • Find a partner. Discovering your calling is not a do-it-yourself project. God has designed it so that we need others in the Body of Christ along the way. Author Tim Hansel said,

Although the [journey to live our calling] is a personal pilgrimage, it does not require that we be "rugged individualists." The image of the all-American who pulls himself up by his own bootstraps is a totally foreign one to the Christian faith....We're just not built that way, no matter what our world is shouting. We need each other, and when we work with each other, great things happen.

Seek a companion-a friend, family member, or perhaps a professional career coach who has guided and walked along side many others on the journey. You will find that the support, accountability and encouragement will make all the difference in the outcome.

Your Purpose in Life

When you query the purpose and direction of your life, you are asking questions about your calling. Your calling is an invitation to live the life you are meant to live. You are called to become the person you were created to be, and to do the things you were designed to do. As you live your calling, you will find the purpose for which you were born. We would love to be a part of your journey; our calling is to help you find yours. May this be the year you commit to moving forward, risking to discover and fully live your calling!   

Originally posted December 31, 2009.

Excerpts from Live Your Calling (2005) by Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck. Used by permission of Jossey-Bass, a Wiley imprint.   

Kevin Brennfleck and Kay Marie Brennfleck, National Certified Career Counselors, are the authors of Live Your Calling: A Practical Guide to Finding and Fulfilling Your Mission in Life. Their websites, www.ChristianCareerCenter.com, www.ChurchJobsOnline.com, and www.ChristianJobFair.com, feature hundreds of job listings from churches, ministries, and Christian employers; a resume bank; and many other career/job search resources and articles. They also offer career coaching and testing to help you discover work that fits your God-given design, as well as assistance with writing a powerful resume, interviewing effectively, finding job openings, and other aspects of a successful job search. You can schedule a free consultation session today!