Thank you for encouraging me to write for the longest time, because even though I didn’t listen, I started believing in my own gifts because you believed in them first.

Thank you for repeating the same advice over and over, even when I didn’t listen the first time. Your patience despite my stubbornness was a true display that you never held grudges.

Thank you for bracing dad and calming him before I had to talk to him about my (third?) speeding ticket. But hey, who’s counting right? Our insurance, I suppose. Oh, and thanks for letting me wear your hat so I didn’t have to look at him when I told him. I still laugh at this.

Thank you for always encouraging me to be myself in a world that tries desperately to make us all the same. You always said, “Be yourself because everybody else is taken”.

Thank you for forcing me to confront a few people in my life. You helped me realize that confrontation and transparency are both healthy and necessary. If we never stand up for ourselves, we shorthand the One who made us.

Thank you for sacrificing your time, your sleep, your peace of mind, your sanity, your money, your life- your everything- so that you could be the best mother you could to your four children.

You have absolutely no idea, nor will you ever be able to understand, how much you mean to me mom.

You have loved Jesus, daddy and those around you with an unconditional love that shows the tenacity and resilience that has always shined from the deepest parts of you.

Recently when we were around eachother, someone came up and told me, “You are getting more and more like your mama everyday.”

My first thought: I could never compare but I must be doing something right.

Thank you, mom, for being you.

Your precious heart, selfless spirit and steadfast, strong, stubborn mind will forever be an example to me.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you so very much.


Your Babygirl

P.S. I think you are now more beautiful than ever.