Matthew van Duyvenbode, Head of Advocacy at Bible Society contends the initiative provides a unique opportunity to show that the Bible has a crucial place in every sphere of public life, including sports.

“When some of the athletes will be going through some of the most turbulent experiences of their lives we can demonstrate to them that the message of God’s comfort, and reassurance are for them in the Scriptures,” said Duyyenbode.

But apparently Bibles won’t be the only item provided for free. Organizers at the London Olympics have ordered a record 150,000 condoms to include in the welcome kit athletes receive upon arrival at the Olympic village, after 100,000 didn’t prove sufficient at the 2008 Beijing Games.

4 Winds president Steve McConkey said he isn’t surprised with the condom use, as immoral sexual behavior has been rampant for years in the Olympic Village. He recalls how several centuries ago the Apostle Paul visited Athens and preached his well-known Mars Hill sermon (Acts 17). McConkey, who said the Olympics, originally was established around Paganism, challenges athletes to enter the Games with the same spirit as Paul.

“Athletes are a reflection of their culture,” said McConkey. “There are undisciplined athletes, but then there is are Christian athletes that will be in London ready to witness about their love of the Lord. They will run a good race and raise the standard.”

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Publication date: July 25, 2012