Sometimes our most sincere attempts at the "perfect Thanksgiving" just don't go as planned! We asked Crosswalk readers to share some of their funniest Thanksgiving memories and mishaps. So enjoy a few laughs, and know that although no family is perfect, there is much to thank God for this year -- including the gift of humor!

"Someone I used to work with told me this story about her first attempt at pumpkin pie. Not one known as a cook, she tried anyway to bake a pumpkin pie for her fiancé and his family. The pie was presented to her future in-laws who were probably scrutinizing her cooking skills. The pie looked great -- however when adding clove, she missed the "ground" part! Yep, she put whole cloves in the pie!" -- Thomas

"A few years ago, my sister and I were in the kitchen with Mom helping her get dinner ready to set out. She was getting the turkey out of the oven and as she turned to place it on the counter, she lost her grip on the rack. She managed to hold onto the rack, but the turkey went flying across the kitchen and landed right side up on the floor. We all stood there for a minute staring at the very bizarre sight of a cooked turkey in the middle of the floor. Then Mom bent down, picked the bird up, took it to the sink, rinsed off the bottom, and plopped it onto the serving tray. She looked at my sister and me and through gritted teeth said, "Not a word, you two," then went on with dinner preparations like it never happened. My sister and I were dying laughing. Throughout dinner one of us would say something to the other like, "Does this turkey taste a little like Pine-Sol, or is it just me?" We'd both be off in fits if hysterics while the rest of the family looked at us like we were nuts. It was one of our best holiday memories that we still tease Mom about." -- Karlie

"The very first time I was going to make a turkey dinner for company at my house, my mom offered to make the gravy. She has always used the flour and water in a covered shaker, shaken up, and then slowly added to the boiling meat and potato juices. Well, Mom was shaking away, and the top was not on just right and -- well, you can guess the rest. We were cleaning up flour and water from just about every nook and cranny of the sink area of my kitchen! McCormick's gravy mixes have been my friend ever since." -- Sharon

"I had to have my mom coach me via phone to get me to stick my hand in and remove the goody bag. I was so grossed out, I almost didn't make the turkey. From now on we go to someone else's, or I buy a turkey breast and cook that." -- Brandy

"Thanksgiving, being the food-centered holiday that it is in the U.S., was always one of those days that Mom would dread, but knew it was worth it because it was also one of the few times she could get all four of us kids, our spouses, and sundry grandkids all in one room. Things were going pretty well. Mom did have a problem that she'd misplaced the cookbook she always used for the pies, but she seemed confident that she had it under control. Everything looked as wonderful as it always did, so when family arrived everything seemed to be as smooth as glass. We all gathered 'round the dining room table (all 18 of us!) -- the turkey was perfect, the potatoes, the veggies, the salads -- everything was right on the money. Conversation was flowing as freely as the gravy on the potatoes. Like the typical American family, we ate 'til we hurt. Then Mom gets up and offers to get dessert, asking who wanted pumpkin, who wanted pecan, who wanted ice cream and who didn't as she walked into the kitchen ... where she found the dog on the table, having eaten most of the pumpkin pie!" -- Ron