1525 Bible translated into English from Greek by William Tyndale

1530 Augsburg Confession - Primary confession of faith of the Lutheran Church and one of the Reformation. It was presented by a number of German rulers and free-cities at the Diet of Augsburg.

1536 John Calvin writes The Institutes of the Christian Religion.

1536 -1541 Michelangelo paints "The Last Judgment"

1560 Geneva Bible

1563 Foxe's Book of Martyrs first published

1582-1609 Douay-Rheims Bible

1611 King James Version

1648 - 1789 The Enlightenment
Defined:  When man began to look beyond superstition and began to use his reason to discover the world.  The effort to discover the naturals which governed the universe led to scientific, political and social advances. 

1633 Galileo is forced by the Catholic Church to renounce his teachings that the Earth revolves around the sun.

1678 John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress published

1730s - 1740s The Great Awakening -- A religious movement among American colonial Protestants. Key figures: Jonathan Edwards and George Whitfield.

1741 George Frideric Handel writes his most famous work, Messiah. 

1764 John Newton writes hymn "Amazing Grace"

1776 British colonies in America declare independence from England,

1780 The Sunday School movement is pioneered in England by Robert Raikes

1789 - 1799 The French Revolution

1789 -1970 The Modern Church

London Missionary Society founded in England - a non-denominational missionary society with missions in the islands of the South Pacific and Africa.

1800-1840s Second Great Awakening
1807 British Parliament votes to abolish the slave trade. 

1844 Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) founded in London, England by Sir George Williams.

1837-1901 Victoria Queen of England

1854 Charles H. Spurgeon, only 19-years-old, called to the pastorate of London's famed New Park Street Chapel.

1855 D.L. Moody Converted to Christianity

1859 Charles Darwin publishes Origin of Species

1861 - 1865 American Civil War

1863 - 1885 Fanny Crosby writes more than 8,000 hymns including "Blessed Assurance"

1865 - Rev. William Booth founded Open Christian Mission in East London (in 1878 its name is changed to Salvation Army)

1880 First Northfield Conference led by D.L. Moody

1870/81 Revised Standard

1885 English Revised Version

1896 First Modern Olympics

1899 Gideons International founded - ministry dedicated to distributing copies of the Bible in over 80 languages and more than 180 countries of the world to those who might not otherwise encounter it.

1901 American Standard Version

1906 Azusa Street Revival - Revival that took place in Los Angeles, California and was led by preacher William J. Seymour. It launched Pentecostalism as a world wide movement. 

1909 Scofield Bible

1912 Titanic Sinks