You could teach your children about this by buying the kind of candle that relights itself. Light the candle, hold it up, and then blow it out. Tell your children that you've "succeeded in putting out the light"… and then let them watch as the candle sparks back up. You can use this to teach the principle that he who has the Son has life, that the life is the light of the world, and that we're going to live forever.

The Bright Morning Star
"I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things for the churches. I am … the bright morning star." —Revelation 22:16 (NASB)

Here Jesus is depicted as another kind of light. In this verse I catch a glimpse of eternity as I think about Him coming again and shining forever. I think that we don't realize that every human being is eternal. Everybody is going to live somewhere forever, either with the Bright Morning Star or in the lake of fire that is eternal darkness.

I think sometimes in the midst of the Christmas season, we can forget that we are dealing with eternal issues. It is the holiday season that puts us back in touch with family members who are not saved, helps us see where we need to realign our lives and reconnect to Jesus in a deeper way, and reminds us that the giving we express so fully now could be more than just an annual event.

Focusing on the names of Jesus Christ is a great way to present the gospel in an unthreatening and non-offensive way and still present the truth about who Christ is. It also can serve as a prod to those who want to walk more closely with Him but for whatever reason aren't doing so.

Taken from the December 2002 issue of The Family Room, FamilyLife's online magazine, by author Kay Arthur. Copyright© 2003. All rights reserved. Used by permission.