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A Better 2013

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    April Motl is a pastor’s wife who loves to laugh, loves her man, loves to talk on the phone entirely too long and most of all, loves her Lord. Collaborating with the efforts of her husband Eric, the two of them share a ministry dedicated to bringing God’s Word into the everyday lives of married couples, men and women. April has been privileged through her own church and ministry outside her local body to share God's Word with women ranging in ages and stages, across denominations, and walks of life. April is a graduate from Southern California Seminary and has written for Just Between Us Magazine, Dayspring's (In)courage, and The Secret Place and also writes regularly for crosswalk.com, iBelieve.com and Women's Ministry Tools. For more information, visit Motl Ministries at: www.MotlMinistries.com

  • 2013 Jan 01
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New Year’s has rolled around and with it comes all the resolutions, the exercise plans, the diets, the organizational systems and stuff, and all the wishing and wanting for a new "us."

As a younger Christian I made a lot of resolutions to conquer facets of my Christian walk--with full, dedicated abandon--not really understanding the depth of my need. I remember declaring after a women’s retreat I had surrendered my attitudes of unbelief to the Lord... yeah. I had surrendered it, but unbelief was something I’d have to surrender more than once... a lot more than once! 


Now, I commit myself to seeking growth and to simply be a better Christ follower than I was last year, to be a better wife than I was last year, to be a better friend, sister, servant, etc. Better is the goal.


I think completion comes only when we finally awake in God’s presence and in our heavenly home.

So as we begin this new year, we are going to kick it off seeking God’s wisdom for a better life. This month’s devotionals will focus on what He says is “better”... you might be surprised what He brings up and what He doesn’t! I am praying that we all roll us our sleeves and our heart-doors and let His word permeate us deeply; that we’d be willing to act on His “better” directives and make changes so that less obstacles would hinder us from living the better life He has called us to!


Better Concept #1


The law of Your mouth is better to me

Than thousands of gold and silver pieces. 

Psalm 119:72


For her [God’s Wisdom] profit is better than the profit of silver

And her gain better than fine gold. 

She is more precious than jewels;

And nothing you desire compares with her. 

Proverbs 3:14-15  NASU


I desire lots of stuff... a clean an organized home, time with friends, to finish that scrapbook I’ve been working on for forever, to always remember birthdays (goodnight! that one is on my resolution list every year!), to get through all the books on my reading list, for these last few pounds to come off, to never be late to appointments, for the refrigerator to always sparkle, for my family to be in a constant state of unity and bliss and while we dreaming, for my hair to calm down and quit being so wild and unruly! These verses say that God’s word and the wisdom that comes from it are better than any wealth, career advancement, prestige, than any clean house or behaving hair... or anything else you can pile up on that load of wishes. 


So as you and I assess the New Year’s resolutions and priorities for 2013, getting God’s Word into us ought to rank numero uno! Above our career goals, financial goals, our goals for all the temporal stuff that feels like it matters so much but really doesn’t... time in God’s word and then the effort, sacrifices, changes, or whatever it requires from us to obey it need to define all the rest of our resolutions. 


May God’s word comfort, change, convict, challenge and rescue you this coming year!


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