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When Mother's Day Hurts

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  • 2014 May 08
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Mother’s Day is a holiday that stirs up a lot of emotions! Some of those sentiments are sweet, joyful ones. But sometimes, it’s a hard holiday. 

For years we struggled with infertility. Then there were some more years we learned to live past it and the “struggle” wasn’t so constant. This year we are miraculously expecting a little one, but mixed in the joy of having my “first Mother’s Day” is also a sadness over my first Mother’s Day after my grandma passed away. 

Many of us have strained relationships with our moms, or visa versa, we’re moms hurting over wayward children. I know children (adult children and young ones) aching over parents who are lost in a sea of bad decisions, addictions, and brokenness. I know moms and grandmas who come to church every week and beg for God’s mercy over their children who are lost in that same sea. We ache. We all do.

The depth of a mother-child relationship is beyond what words can capture and communicate. Many times, that relationship gives us a sense of identity. Our relationships with our moms and our relationships with our children often create the foundations of how we perceive our value in life.

While the Lord designed relationships to hold special places in our hearts, He never intended for anyone else to sit as Definer over us. If Mother’s Day is especially hard for you because of a “defining” issue, know I’m praying for you! And know most of all that the Lord is the only One who has the right and who can accurately define you, His child. 

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