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When It Feels Like God Is Late: Destiny and Delays

  • Bonnie Gray

    Bonnie Gray author photoBonnie Gray is a Soul Care Mentor and author of Sweet Like Jasmine and Whispers of Rest. As speaker and podcast host of Breathe: The Stress Less Podcast, Bonnie empowers thousands of lives to flourish…

  • Published Mar 15, 2012

When I was new mommy of two, grocery shopping with a three-year-old toddler and a baby got very tricky.   With a twenty-pound CJ strapped in a baby carrier on me, I'd push a fidgety TJ in cart, navigating the aisles and a banana-and-milk check list. It was always a race to the finish.

So, when your child asks to buy some cupcakes, it's important to talk him down slowly, rather than say just say no.

"Good idea! Let's get them next time." This round, however, went to TJ, because his request turned out to be a selfless act.

"But, Mommy..." TJ protests. "Daddy is sick! I think blueberry muffins will make him feel better!"

Back at home, I unload the groceries, baby chews on a bib. TJ sits at the table -- with a mouth full of muffin and a glass full of milk. As I restock the fridge, shaking my head in humor, my preschool son restores my hope in the joys of parenting.

"Mommeee!" TJ calls out, after a gulp to wash down some cake. "These muffins are gooood... Why don't we get these muffins to Daddy right now?!"

"That would be nice, wouldn't it?" I holler back, volleying the conversation back in his court.

In a moment of genius, TJ gets inspired.

"I know!... Let's put some muffins in the mailbox!  Then, the postman can pick it up and put it in Daddy's mailbox at work. He can eat it at work and be happy right away!"

Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?  Put a muffin in the box and have it delivered. Piece of cake.

As far as my little buddy was concerned, he had it all figured out. After all, he didn't know that mail doesn't get processed in an hour. Last I checked, they haven't invented Star Trek-like food replicators, instantly synthesizing pastries on demand.

Muffin In a Mailbox Thinking

Like my sweet boy, I can't help but get excited that I have a direct line into God. He can do anything in an instant. And that's where I trip up. I'll come up with an awesome idea or solution about my life. You know, God.

... That dream that's been put on pause and waiting for you to press "play"?

... That breakthrough I've been quietly praying about?

... How about that "thing" I'm trusting you with?

When prayers aren't answered and the fog isn't lifting, I think God is delayed. Trouble is, how can I say God is late, if I don't have the schedule? I'm just like TJ, wanting to put my muffin into the "magic box" and have it go where I want. When I want.

God Delivers Destiny On Schedule

I've got to quit trying to figure out God's schedule and setting up my own. Yeah, God's schedule.

Like a horse being trained to turn circles, God brings me back to the same starting point for faith:

God knows where He needs to get me, and He will get me there.

Faith is designed to keep us holding onto God. As such, there are some things that we just don't know.

When our lives don't appear to match up with our destiny, God tells us to relax into His sovereignty. He's got everything under His control. His purpose will prevail. Right on time.

Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21

Trusting God when the timing in life feels off is hard. But, our journey is not invisible to God. His plans for us are unchanging.

When we trust Him, anything and everything we do holds value in God's eyes.

To God, our faith is what He treasures. It's what Jesus saw in the widow who dropped her all in the offering box at the temple. And it's faith He also sees in our hearts, when we draw near to Him offering Him our questions and our surrender -- especially when timing of circumstances or events don't match what we expect. He sees. He sees.


How is God calling you to trust Him with His timing?

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By Bonnie Gray, the FaithBarista serving up shots of faith for everyday life.

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Bonnie Gray is an inspiring Christian writer and blogger, offering encouragement to keep faith fresh in the daily grind. Her writing springs from the belief that the beauty of faith often takes place when life goes off script. Bonnie is the Founder of and featured writer for Hallmark subsidiary DaySpring's (in)Courage. Bonnie is currently working on her debut book, due to release in 2013 by Revell Books. Bonnie is a native Californian living in the heart of Silicon Valley with her best friend Hubby, wrangling their two heaven-sent boys on the homestead.


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