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New Big Bang Research - Part II

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  • 2014 Oct 09
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In an earlier interview, in a conversation about the beginning of the universe, one scientist made the claim that science has “made it clear that there is a plausible case that a universe like the universe we live in could result literally from nothing…”

When Krauss said that “all of the energy that we see was created from basically empty space,” what does he mean?

Probably this: “Multiple lines of evidence, including the detection of the CMB exactly 50 years ago, have bolstered the consensus model of modern cosmology, which shows that the universe was initially infinitely hot and dense, literally dimensionless. There was no space, no time.” (Achenbach)

In the first tiniest fraction of a second – 1/1000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (some day 32 zeroes) th of a second, the universe increased in size by 1000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times! It had been thought for quite a while that a lot of stuff happened in the first moments of the universe’s existence (I once heard someone say that much of the growth of the universe happened in the first 30 minutes of after the Big Bang…) I do not remember who that was (probably from some kind of NOVA show or something)… but whoever they were, they apparently weren’t even close.

In Millionths of Trillionths of a part of a second, it seems, the universe expanded from nothing to a significant something, millions of trillions of times in size.

Dare I say it?

As if it were spoken into existence.

Now, I do not want to claim something as “ours” without looking at the whole picture. There are many other implications of this discovery that some Theists might not be so happy with (it turns out that the universe is probably 14 billion years ago or more.

My personal views does not struggle with this, but I know that many people’s do. It also means that probably only about 5% of the matter of the universe is “normal” matter – most of the rest is the mysterious stuff that modern scientists call “dark.” (Peplow)

We will have to keep waiting to figure out what the implications of that means too, because right now, no one has any idea. The reason that I wanted to write on this, is to encourage those who are theists, but who feel stupid, marginalized and written off by those in the scientific community.

It is ok to be a theist and a scientist.

Be encouraged that in this case, and at this point, what even the secular scientists have uncovered about the beginning of the universe matches what Christian (and Muslim and Jewish) theologians would have predicted.