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November 7th: Billy Graham’s Last Crusade?

Instead of stadiums, television sets all over this country will host Billy Graham in what is probably his final crusade, “My Hope,” reports Christianity Today. The televised “My Hope” campaign actually started back in 2002, and it had a meaningful global impact. Kate Tracy with CT reports,

“The televised campaign—instituted through churches—has reached 57 countries since 2002, with more than 298,000 churches participating and more than 4.4 million Christians serving as ‘My Hope’ hosts. The result: more than 10 million people have become Christians, claims the BGEA.”

This time around, “My Hope” will feature clips from older Graham sermons, and a new message he has prepared for this occasion. This new message will air on November 7th.

Billy Graham’s impact for Christ around the world cannot be denied. During the “My Hope” campaign alone, countless people groups and countries gathered to watch this famed preacher from their TV sets – even in the midst of uncertainly and difficult situations.

“"My Hope’ concerned many Christians in Russia in 2004 because of a possible ban on evangelism. But ‘he project continued, with showings in churches, prisons, hospitals, and other venues. The previous year, Russia's "There is Hope" project required a different setup to account for the country's 11 different time zones and large population (145 million people).

In Malawi, the country known as the ‘Warm Heart of Africa,’ meetings often took place outdoors, using battery-powered projector units. Along the Amazon River in Brazil, where most villages did not have a Christian church or TVs to watch the broadcast version of ‘My Hope,’ one missionary distributed DVDs and constructed churches along the way.”

In recent years, as Billy Graham has reached advanced age, he has sometimes been more noticed for his hospital visits or his (albeit minimal) involvement in the political arena. So, what do you think? Will a television crusade be less effective, in an age where computers have all but replaced TVs and surveys show that a Majority of Christians Hate Christian TV? Or is our society ready for a revival?

Will you be tuning in to see Billy Graham? At 95 years of age, it may be the last time he makes a major televised appearance.

Debbie Holloway is the Family Life Editor for

Publication date: November 6, 2013