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My hermenutic won't fix your Honda

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  • 2013 Apr 02


Recently I met with a group of guys that have been meeting semi-regularly for over ten years.  We used to discuss our wives, kids, work and faith.  It seems our discussions have increasingly deteriorated into theological navel gazing.  We had a long and heated discussion about whether all parts of the canon are equal, the centrality of certain books of the Bible, and the fact that literary devices contained in scripture -- poetry, prose, apocalypticism, genealogy, metaphor, simile – may change the level of authority given to us.

I agree that we need to be informed as Christians. But where do we draw the line between knowledge and action. 

While listening to this long conversation I thought about my neighbor who is curious about my faith but cautious because of past hurt.  Maybe I’ll tell him to just reevaluate his theocentric hermeneutic. 

I thought about the young single Mom we’ve been helping since she was released from prison a few years ago.  And now she just lost her job.  Perhaps she’d be comforted if I talked to her about my concerns about the human elements involved in the canonization process. 

I know we have ongoing debates about justification, reconciliation, and redemption on one side and social justice on the other.  And I don’t recommend that we focus on one to the exclusion of the other.  But if I park on the theological side, my neighborhood is not likely to change.  I want to share the Gospel of good news, not leave my friends in intellectual confusion. 


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