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God at Work in Iraq

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  • 2005 Oct 25

Last February we were approached by Word of Life (WOL) with  a request that we provide copies of  An Anchor for the Soul to be bundled with copies of the Quiet Time Diary and the New Testament and sent to the troops in Iraq. Today we received an email from an Air Force chaplain telling how the books have been used:


Prior to my deployment, WOL sent me Bibles provided by Thomas Nelson,  Quiet Time Journals, as well as a book entitled, "Anchor for the Soul."  The chapel staff divided the Bibles and Journals equally and sent them to our forward operating areas supporting Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.


Upon my arrival to the forward operating area, my chaplain's assistant and I began prayerfully considering how best to minister to our troops on the ground.  We developed the following ministry plan and put it into operation.  On Mondays, we studied the book, "Anchor for the Soul," reading and discussing three chapters per week.  This book was the subject of two different studies, and it was used of the Lord to explain clearly the process of salvation, as well as the means of growing in grace.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we commenced Bible studies, beginning with a thorough exposition of Paul's epistle to the Philippians.  Then, we began a study of the Ten Commandments, taking each commandment and interpreting it literally in its Old Testament context, then through the lens of the New Testament, and finally applying it to the lives of the hearers. 


On Wednesdays we initiated a mid-week worship service, an oasis in the middle of the week to come and be refreshed by fellowship around the Word.  On Fridays, we viewed some excellent films.  For instance, we watched "Luther," as well as "Agent of Grace," which portrayed the life and sacrifice of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Saturdays were simply a time of fellowship and sharing what the Lord had been doing in the each person's life.  It became a time of confession, where men held one another accountable before the Lord.  Sundays, of course, was our time of worship, conducting two services each week, morning and evening.  As you can tell, we had something going on each evening at the chapel, which left the mornings and afternoons free for counseling, visitation, and preparation for the evening's ministry opportunity.

Needless to say, the Bibles, books, and journals provided through WOL were used on a daily basis, especially the Bibles.  We also placed some of the Bibles, books, and journals in the morale hut, which made them available for some troops who did not frequent the chapel.  The Lord has promised that His Word would not return unto Him void, and I can tell you that it did not!  Some of our young men received Christ as their personal Savior, others rededicated themselves to Christ, while others made great strides in their Christian walk.



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