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Jesus Christ and Him Crucified

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  • 2007 Nov 04

We recently posted a sermon on the Keep Believing website called Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. Here's an excerpt:

"A few weeks ago I celebrated my 55th birthday. That in itself is hardly a world-shaking event, but I am truly celebrating it because it feels like I have reached an important milestone. When I was a teenager, 55 seemed positively ancient. Now it feels perfectly normal. But when you have lived 55 years, you can't pretend to be young anymore. If God wills, I may live another 30 years (or another 30 minutes—who knows?), but I'll never be a teenager again. I'm definitely closer to the finish line than to the starting line. I find myself in a stage of life where I am trying to get rid of things I don’t need to carry with me. For most of us, life can be divided into two phases—accumulating and de-accumulating. After decades of trying to amass things, I am well over into the de-accumulation side. I find myself throwing things away left and right. It’s not a good week for me unless I can fill up a trash bag or two with things I don’t need anymore. I find myself going through something similar spiritually. I want to go back to basics in every area. I want to find those things that are true and that matter eternally, and that’s where I want to spend the bulk of my time in the next few years. I pray, 'Lord, strip away the things that don’t matter, even the good things, so that what is left are the things that will still matter 10,000 years from now.'"

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