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  • 2008 Mar 05

I just discovered a new blog called PrimeTime Jesus, a group effort featuring key evangelical professors, writers and thinkers who engage the media and the culture about the person and work of Jesus Christ. Key contributors include Darrell Bock, Dan Wallace and Daniel Burer from Dallas Seminary, Craig Blomberg from Denver Seminary, Scot McKnight from North Park University, Ben Witherington from Asbury Seminary, Mike Wilkins from Talbot School of Theology and Grant Osborne from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Recent posts include “Is the Empty Tomb Important?” “Jesus’ Image in the World and the Religious Right,” and “The Nails that Crucified Jesus–for Sale!”

I highly recommend this blog for those interested in discussing the latest cultural issues from an evangelical perspective. If you were intrigued by all the discussion surrounding the Da Vinci Code, this blog is right down your alley. I liked it so much that I have added it the the Keep Believing Blogroll.

You can reach the author at ray@keepbelieving.com. Click here to sign up for the free weekly email sermon.

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