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Quick Impressions of Ben Stein's Expelled

  • Dr. Ray Pritchard
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  • 2008 Apr 24

On Tuesday Marlene and I watched Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed at a theater in Tupelo. Here are a few quick reactions:

Ben Stein is fun to watch.
This is a viewpoint documentary designed to elicit strong reactions.
The movie is mostly about academic intolerance.
Good animation showing the complexity of a single cell.
 Richard Dawkins is honest about the implications of believing in evolution.
So is William Provine.
“No God. No life after death. You live, you die. That’s it.”
To the academic establishment, ID = Creationism = Lunacy.
Loved David Berlinski.
Ditto for John Lennox.
Ben Stein wears a suit and tie and tennis shoes–very cool look.
This is really a battle of worldviews.
No one is truly “neutral” about creation and evolution.
Chilling scenes from a Nazi death camp.
Christian parents should watch this film.
Young people heading off to college should watch it too.
Don’t expect a comprehensive critique of evolution.
Don’t expect anything about the Genesis account of creation.
I can see why the mainstream media hates Expelled.
It’s not “objective” but it does tell the truth.

Those are my quick impressions. I enjoyed Expelled and highly recommend it. Go see it and make up your own mind.

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