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Defending Everyone's Free Speech in the Pulpit

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  • Published Sep 25, 2006

Alright....one more time let's get the separation of church and state straight.  Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, (for those of you who are part of the hate America first crowd they are three of our founding fathers) all envisioned a country where everyone could express their religious views without fear of interferance for harrassment from the government.  They envisioned a country where the state would not dictate to individuals what religion they must adhere to.  They brillently crafted the First Amendment which says (addressing religious freedom) that "Congress shall make no law with regards to the establishment of religion nor inhibit the free expression thereof."  The right of free speech is a two-edged sword.  If the state tries to stifle religous speech by enshrining one particular religion as the only accepable true expression the state must be cut off.  If the state tries to stifle religious speech by stiffling individual expression, the state must be cut off. 

Ever since Lyndon Johnson