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Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a Cup of Resolve?

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  • Published Jun 15, 2005

From Guantanamo to the Patriot Act to Iraq and Afghanistan, America's war on terror is under attack.  The attack isn't coming from Muslim fundamentalism or Islamic radicals.  It is coming from the radcial Left and their willing accomplices in the mainstream press. 

So far, the America people have withstood every attempt to politicize the war on terror.  The rise of the internet including conservative websites and bloggers, the advent of conservative talk radio, plus the fair and balanced reporting of Fox News has made it difficult for leftist in this country to gain traction with their normal news manipulation techniques.  Prior to the rise of the "new media" the major television networks and major newspapers pretty much controlled the flow of information to the public.  Now the liberal information flow of the mainstream is influenced by the streams and tributaries of conservative thought which restricts and to some degree, neutralizes the advantage liberals once enjoyed. 

Since the mainstream liberal media is now no longer the soul source but merely one voice in the cacophony of news communication the tactics liberals use have changed.  Rather than simply dominating the news by being the only game in town they now attempt to dominate by picking an issue and riding it until it agains traction by the virture of repetition. 

I fear the repeated attacks against the Patriot Act, the Guantanamo terrorist detention facility, and the attempt to portray the United States as the real villain in the world is gradually softening the resolve of the American people to continue vigorously fighting the war on terror.

The Patriot Act, which broadened the powers of the Justice Department to fight the war on terror, is being portrayed as a greater threat to freedom than the terrorists who are being rounded up as a result of its implimentation.  Vague reports of the violation of normal citizen's personal freedoms