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The only thing missing from President Obama's return to the campaign trail after his latest Martha's Vineyard romp is a time machine made out of a DeLorean.  In two major speeches and one softball press conference Obama has managed to resurrect the specter of the Democrats oldest campaign tactic…. class warfare.  The President hopes going back to proven political tactics of the past will give him and his party a brighter future. 

In his Labor Day speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin President Obama said, "Now, anybody who thinks that we can move this economy forward with just a few folks at the top doing well, hoping that it's going to trickle down to working people who are running faster and faster just to keep up, you'll never see it."  He went on to blame America's problems on big banks, big oil, big pharmaceutical, and big business.  Listening to the President you would think there is a war going on in America between business and the masses.  What happened to the pride Americans used to feel when they celebrated the financial power of Wall Street or the medical breakthroughs made possible by research funded by pharmaceutical companies? 

The Obama administration shoved healthcare down the throats of the majority of Americans and now we are gagging on the results even before the bulk of the new plan goes into effect.  The latest government estimates on the cost of healthcare reveal what everyone knew would happen.  The cost of healthcare is rising even before over 30 million uninsured are dumped into the coverage pool.  So in spite of the fact most polls showed up to 88% of Americans were satisfied with their healthcare coverage, Obama and congressional democrats just had to inject the government into the system.  What was the weapon of choice in the healthcare debate?  Class warfare, as the administration painted an "us versus them" picture with insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies playing the role of the villain and Obamacare riding to the rescue.

President Obama resorted to the tired tactic of class warfare to pass the most sweeping changes in the banking and financial sector in the last 100 years.  He and his faithful followers in Congress accused Wall Street of creating the crisis that brought down their own financial empire.  They blamed the banks for lending practices forced on them by the government and the likes of ACORN.  Banks that wanted reasonable requirements for making loans were vilified as greedy, bigoted, fat cats who didn't care about people.  Again, the class warfare argument was used to create a good verses evil scenario with Wall Street and banks as the bad guys and Chris Dodd and the Democrats as the guys in the white hats. 

Later in the week in Cleveland, the President told a recruited crowd (with less than an hour to go before the speech Obama operatives had to recruit students to fill the room) that Republicans wanted to "cut more taxes for millionaires and cut more rules for corporations."  He brought up health care by again suggesting that the Republican argument was to "let insurance companies go back to denying care to folks who are sick."  He also chided Republicans for wanting to "let credit card companies go back to raising rates without a reason."  The President's rhetoric is designed to make you mad at a host of manufactured societal villains.

Now President Obama is declaring class warfare once again as he pits the wealthy against the middle class.  The President attacked Republicans accusing them of standing in the way of middle class tax cuts by simply demanding there be no tax increases at all for anybody.  The President hopes voters will take sides in this politically generated wrestling match between the wealthy and middle class. 

In Back to The Future Part II, Marty McFly has to travel back to 1955 to prevent the world he knows in 1985 from being dominated by a gangster-like, power mad character known as Biff.   The alternative reality created by Biff is a world where everything is under his control.  Traditional values are trashed and the desire for power and control is trumpeted.  To restore the world Marty knew he has to stop Biff in the past to save the future. 

If we are going to rescue our world from the alternative reality forced on us by the Left through the Obama Administration's policies we have to prepare now, in the present for an election in our near future.  We have to resist the temptation to fall prey to politics of the past as the Obama Administration bets on the success of the old class warfare argument.

Class warfare works because it appeals to our natural leaning toward jealousy of anyone who has more than we do.  For years, the Left has floated the idea that the only way the rich got rich is by cheating the middle class.  That is a lie but it is a lie that fits our prejudice against those who are successful. 

It is a lie we can overcome if we will just return to the practice of celebrating success.  We should cheer those who create wealth by taking risks and raising capital.  America is not an "us verses them" world where everyone who is successful is greedy, bigoted, and coldhearted.  America is a land of opportunity where we should invest out time reaching for our own version of success rather than spending our time being jealous of the success of others. 

It's time declare an end to the class war.  In America, everyone can be

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